Interested in art?
Interested in ecology
And/or environmental justice?
Join us in August 2009

Laney college
Eco art matters class

Learn and make art about
Urgent environmental/community justice issues
Combining creative thinking & aesthetics with science
Ecoart matters: art 141-li code 41646
Advanced : art 74-l2 41120  wednesdays  9to 3 
Laney art center studio 130

This unique course covers a brief history of the environmental, ecoart and community art movement, with distinguished guest artist and scientist lecturers. 

Students create art, installations, visual, oral presentations or performances based on extensive research about an important “matter” of their choosing. The work is then exhibited in a professional gallery on campus or in the community.   Past shows have been at the oakland museum, june steingart gallery, oakland zoo education center and the berkeley addison street windows, vickie jo sowell’s studio gallery, and the big daddy’s rejuvenating community garden. 

Each semester,  students participate in relevant field trips for hands on experience, which included volunteering for save the bay, eco village and the oakland zoo, visiting local ecoart exhibits and attending the bioneers’ conference in october.  Credit is given for volunteer work in local environmental or community organizations.
At a time when the planet is in need of our most creative attention, this course helps educate, advocate and create hope for a healthy survival. 

For information: instructor Andrée Thompson  510 841 0588, register on line at laney college


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