Andree Singer Thompson

Celebrating Children

Information kiosk at the Richmond Art Center BART station in Richmond, California. Dedicated to children, it was decorated with artworks made by elementary students from Grant School. They created self portraits in clay, ink drawings, collage, and poems under the artist's direction collaborating with Kemit Amenophis, poet Rafael Gonzales and photographer Ruth Morgan. Adjacent to the kiosk, two large planter boxes were decorated with ceramic tiles of local flora and fauna, made by 250 students under the supervision of Erica Clarke Shaw.

After years of abuse, the masks were removed, repaired and reinstalled in the Harbor Way community garden in Richmond. The reinstalled Survivors Mural reflects the children of the community, especially those who have withstood trauma and survived. In keeping with the original idea of "Celebrating Children", the colorful, individualistic and imaginative ceramic portraits were installed in this safe space that symbolizes growth, hope and survival. The masks then become survivors.

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