Mixed media installation
As love, hope and dreams know no borders; violence, disillusionment, despair and death know no borders as well. Blood and tears of violated and murdered women in Guatemala, Mexico, the rest of Latin America and the world call us once again to respond to a crisis that worsens and continues today to be shrouded by a veil of silence, disinterest and impunity.

The altar we have created brings to light the plight of women, most specifically in Guatemala, Central America and Mexico as well as throughout the world, who are victims of gender based violence and murder. We draw inspiration from the Mayan civilization and the physical representation of the pyramid/temple with its literal and spiritual significance.  Using the different levels of the pyramid/temple we illustrate the ugliness and prevalence of the forces oppressing  women throughout the world, as well as the murder of specific women.

The tears and blood of the “sacrificed” woman fill a basket held by an indigenous woman and an urn collects the blood at the foot of the stairs.  Blood and tears are essential life forces…may they be gathered from those who have been victims of life denying forces, to flow forth and affirm life.
The two female figures rising at the top of the temple, vow to remember and represent those who have been “sacrificed”.  They call for all of us who create and view this piece to work toward the end of the violence and to transform the region and the world into places
where people treat one another with respect and love.
The red “Huipil” (Guatemalan traditional garment) behind the pyramid symbolizes the project.  The powerful forces of the sun and the moon on each side of the “sacrificial temple” represent the Hero Mayan twins, “Shabalank” and “Hunahpu” who tricked and destroyed the dark lords and triumphed over evil, making the Earth ready for the creation of human beings.   We call upon these symbols for strength and inspiration.

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