Art Roots Here , postcard from the show
Spring, 2009

Curator’s Statement

It’s my privilege to have been selected to bring together a collection of artworks by a group of people who are as interested and committed to the renewal of our environment and spiritual balance as I am.  The urban garden site that I manage on the Emeryville/Oakland border and that we’re utilizing for our show is a great emblem of this commitment.   Until just a few years ago the location of  “Big Daddy’s Complete Rejuvenating Community Garden” was a broken down service station with an auto-detailing business, as much a symbol of an industrial past as today it is a symbol of recycling and creative re-use.

The works  produced by Laney College’s Eco-Art class students combine a central focus with a variety of individual perspectives, many keying on the garden and its growth, many a celebration of organic materials and forms.  All share a dedication to improving the health of our planet and quality of our lives.

Vickie Jo Sowell

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