Durga Against the Latest Demon
Krishnakali Chaudhuri

Plastic bags and other plastic found objects, plaster tape, mixed media

Last year the city of Bombay was flooded for more than five days because of plastic bags that clogged the drains.  Cows, goats, pigs, crows-all our natural recyclers of food scraps and garbage are dying in the attempt to eat what is discarded.  Even Mother Ganges, who for her mythological lifetime has constantly renewed herself, can no longer cope with this onslought.

I want to tell you all, people of my country and the world, that of all the demons our goddesses have confronted, plastic is the most pervasive and insidious. She needs our help.

The goddess Durga imparts this message: “Stop using plastic, because we can’t recycle it.”
Her 10 arms help kill the plastic demon to save humanity and the earth.  This project is a prototype for my plan to carry this message to India: to work with an idol maker in India to create and display a goddess who will speak for recycling and against plastic. (She is there now.)
Chaduri Krishnakali (Roke Noir) is from Calcutta, India.  She is a mixed media artist, activist and world traveler. Every year she takes small groups of experience seekers to India-her love, her poetry, her love and her nightmare.

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