Postcard for Earth Matters

In keeping with the Chancellor’s new Greening policy and the Peralta Sustainability Initiative, this show brings attention to urgent environmental issues.

In only its second semester, the experimental Eco-Art Matters class culminates here with student works informed by attendance at the Bioneers’ Conference, several noted eco-art, environmentalist and science guest lecturers, a collaboration with the Oakland Museum Science and Learning Center, and extensive personal research.  The works reflect environmental and social justice concerns that “mattered” to these students: global warming, pollution, endangered species, conservation and recycling, destruction of old growth forests, wetlands and natural resources, organic food, reuse and transformation.

 As an environmental art educator, I am proud and inspired by the sincerity, creativity and imagination of these provocative and often poetic efforts.  Witnessing the transformation that takes place as students are enlightened and often impassioned, validates my belief in the relationship between creativity and survival. 

I believe we have an innate desire to heal; with compassion and a creative spirit, we have the power and intelligence to reverse negative environmental impacts with positive solutions and hope for healthy survival.

I want to congratulate and thank my wonderful students for their hard work, talent and mostly for their caring and compassionate involvement.  These students and their work in this class help to keep that hope for healthy survival alive.


Andrée Singer Thompson


We would like to thank
Susan Leibovitz Steinman, for her curatorial and critical expertise, time and support;
Anthony Grimes, for his invaluable assistance with the installation;
The eco art students for making and selling handmade items to raise funds for the conference and to help fund this show;
Nicky Gonzales Yuen, Jack Ian Lin and the Peralta Sustainability Initiative for helping fund our attendance at the Bioneers’ Conference.
Note.  In exchange for the Peralta Grant, students will give lectures in various classes about the new Recycling Program coming to Peralta in the spring, about Bioneers and other eco issues such as global warming and conservation. 

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