Heart of the Matter, postcard from the show
Jody Stegman

Heart of the Matter is the 4th exhibition of the Laney College EcoArtMatters class.  Each class develops its own personality depending on the unique individual artists that spend so much creative time together.  This group has obviously worked hard, benefiting from the class guest speakers and at the Bioneers Conference, from lively discussion, readings and films, and from collaborating with each other.  The work reflects their extensive research and the rich diversity of their personal talents and passions. 

My great reward in teaching this class is witnessing the transformations that take place and seeing the work produced as students learn about and become impassioned about their own choices of concern.   I am continually amazed at what these remarkable students invent and envision, reinforcing hope and belief in our ability to survive through creative and compassionate action. 

I congratulate and thank all my students for their hard work and talents, and hope this is just the beginning of an ongoing process of creative adventures.  May you be inspired to spread not only the word about these urgent matters, but also the great hope as manifested by this work.

Andrée Singer Thompson

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