La Madre Tierra: So Pleased with your offering. Urine separating toilet seat.
Christina Bertea

Lotus: Inside Out
Prototype urine separating compost toilet seat
Clay, hose, found metal and plywood
Feeling alienated?...DIS-connected?
Not a meaningful part of the greater whole?
Here’s how to restore your link to the sacred web of life:
Get PISS-connected!
Claim your right to participate in the nutrient cycle:
Consume, give back…
Consume, give back…
Consume, give back…
Your urine is a near perfect fertilizer (diluted
3 to 5 times with water…)
Use a urine separating composting toilet or urine separating flush toilet (from Sweden,
where they harvest urine to sell to farmers)
and share your “gold” with the garden!
Your trees and shrubs will thank you, and you
will feel oh so useful and connected to life.

The Challenge:

*Natural gas is a non-renewable petroleum product, in decline as is oil
*Natural gas is used to make the nitrogen fertilizer used in conventional agriculture
*If fertilizer becomes prohibitively expensive or scarce, much of the world’s human food supply could be in jeopardy

*Find a plentiful new source of nitrogen fertilizer (human urine)
*Educate people to value and collect that source

Residual Impact:
*Increased awareness that what goes in /comes out, and is beneficial for the earth—or not
*Possible improvement in diet and less consumption of pharmaceuticals

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