Running Out
Dana Rosenfeld

Mission Statement:

“In about 50 years, there will be no fish”
“In about 25 years, most of reef’s creatures will become extinct” (a recent study by NOAA)
“In less than 6 years, 80 percent of the British Columbia’s pines will be dead.”
And the list goes on and on…

Global warming is a fact. Amazingly, most people are not aware of it. I want to get their attention and bring the facts in the most visual way.

Time is running out. Resources are running out. This hourglass cannot be turned upside down to start things all over.

That is – unless we stop it!

I, myself, was not aware of the severity of the problem until I joined the Eco-Art class. It would be a real shame, if we couldn’t stop global warming just because…”we didn’t know”. We know now, and every one on this planet has to know and act!

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