Andree Singer Thompson

Back to the Garden

We created this garden and the path to it as positive images regarding the urgent need to reduce, re-use and recycle. Symbolic of life and its regenerative cycles, of the earth and its interdependent ecosystems, the garden feeds us literally and spiritually. In return, it requires a delicate balance of care and non-interference to flourish. Urban gardens are essential to attaining and sustaining an ecologically balanced future.

An archway entrance to the garden was made of recycled metal and living plants. The garden was planted in containers shaped in recycling symbols, from fresh compost, to graduating plants with full fruit to beaten and tossed back into the compost. A central water element held water-cleansing hyacinths. Participants were invited to draw with chalk on the pathway and surrounding "sea", their images and ideas of healing and caring for the planet

Berkeley, California

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