Andree Singer Thompson


Sculpture installation in courtyard and grounds. Nineteen figures of ceramics, brick and wood.

Judah Magnes Museum, Berkeley, CA.

"This work began in 1978 when I returned from a journey to Hungary in search of surviving family. The work was originally meant to be a memorial to Holocaust victims. In the course of its creation, however, its focus changed. It is now not only about those who perished, but rather about the process of survival and about those who have survived. It is about the lifelong challenge of living with, and healing, traumatic memories. It is about a mysterious life force that makes us want to live.

At a time when human life on earth is in danger and needs protection, we all need to know more about the nature of survival. The miracle of our lives is that we do and can survive and are still able to feel life and love again. It is to those who have survived and will continue to survive with love that I dedicate this work."






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